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Sample Work – STEEPLE & SWOT Analysis – Samsung

An Environmental Analysis for

Samsung Electronics

By: Ashley Love

Project & Portfolio II: Business and Marketing




The STEEPLE Analysis  (Include Citations)





  1. Samsung was founded in Korea and their headquarters is still based out of there. Samsung is just the biggest of what South Koreans refer to as Chaebols, giant, family owned conglomerates that essentially control industry. (Shen, 2015)
  2. They are a family owned company that has grown into its third generation of leadership with current chairman Lee Byung-chul’s son, Lee Jae-yong, poised to build on of the foundation his father built. (Shen, 2015)





  1. Samsung is one of the world’s leading technology companies with an array of products that go beyond cellular phones and include appliances, televisions, and home security.
  2. Samsung’s aim is to stay ahead of their competitor’s technologically and through innovation.






  1. Samsung expanded to the emerging and developing markets to make up for their lost business from the developed world to their competitors. According Nasdaq, emerging markets are the key to Samsung’s future success. (Emerging, 2012)
  2. Samsung is responsible for 20% of South Korea’s Economy with $237 Billion dollars in sales in 2015. (Weissman, 2015)




  1. Through eco-innovations, is working to build a smarter and more environmental friendly future for the world. At the end of 2013, Samsung had 3,285 Global Eco-Product Certification Marks. (Eco-Innovations)
  2. Samsung is dedicated to creating products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also energy efficient without sacrificing the quality of the products. (Eco-Innovations)






  1. Overall, the political market favors Samsung except for markets like India. (Pressure)
  2. As each CEO comes to the plate, they must prove themselves worthy of the position to Samsung’s board members and even the world before being able to accept the position. (Pressure)







  1. Governments have now imposed laws including copyrights for cellular phone manufacturing. Samsung was sued by Apple in 2011 by copying their touch zoom concept and had to pay $1 billion in fines. (Apple, 2011)







  1. As a company with 160,000 employees, Samsung is fully committed to complying with local laws and regulations and holds a strict conduct policy for the employees that work for them.
  2. Their management philosophy is “Devoting its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society.


The SWOT Analysis





1.    Samsung is the world’s leading electronics manufacturer.



2.    Samsung leads  the world in mobile phone manufacturing.



3.    Samsung is prided on their strong manufacturing capabilities.



1.    Samsung is unable to match Apples’s marketing capabilities.



2.    Samsung is being trailed by some of their Chinese competitors.



3.    By some Apple seems more dependable than Samsung as far as electronics goes.


1.    People are wanting to purchase more tablets and smart phones.



2.    They are branching off into wearable technology.



3.    They are able to offer their products via online distributers.



1.    Apple’s quality reputation surpasses theirs.



2.    If Apple starts selling consumers household appliances.



3.    Chinese cellular manufacturers are gaining momentum.





Samsung is the leading technological company in the world, but to stay there they must up their marketing game to go above and beyond Apples and keep being innovative with the products they offer. Chinese companies are gaining momentum so their competition is growing. Apple has a good reputation for high quality products that last and Samsung must do their best to match or go above and beyond this reputation because people will pay for quality.


By selling products into developing and emerging markets, Samsung will have much success in the future by making up for their lost business in the developed world which Apple caters to. By continuing to be economically friendly they will hold their place in the market and help the world in the process.



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Sample Work – Initial Company Research on Samsung


By: Ashley Love Date: 07/02/2016



Company Name: Samsung Electronics Limited Parent Company: Samsung Group

Samsung Group is one of the world’s leading electronics companies and was founded in 1938 by Byung-Chull Lee. He started the business with a focus on trade export that included dried Korean fish, vegetables and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. Taegu, Korea was where Samsung Group was founded and they not only sell electronics, but have a wide variety of subsidiaries from fashion to insurance (Group, 2016). Samsung has three subsidiaries that are on the Forbes Fortune 500 list that includes Samsung Electronics Limited (#13), Samsung C&T (#441), and Samsung Life Insurance (#456) (Fortune, 2016). Samsung employs 391,000 employees in 84 countries which is more than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined (Newsroom, 2016)


Refer to Block 2 class slides for the five financial measures we discussed

  • Net Income: 18,694,628,000 Annual Net Income for 2015 (Yahoo, 2016)

Q1 of 2016 – 43.81 billion U.S. dollars (Electronics, 2016) It is up 12 percent from Q4 of 2015.

  • Net Profit Margin: 57% as of March 2016 (Net Margin, 2016)
  • Debt to Assets Ratio: 01 as of March 2016 (Long, 2016)
  • Year over Year: Q1 2015 revenue was up 7.7% YoY and profit was up 12%. Due to increased competition across the smartphone board in the past few years, Samsung saw a sales slump. As of March 31 of this year, revenue for Samsung was 49.78 trillion won, an increase of 5.7% since Q1 last year and operating profit jumped 12% to 6.68 trillion won from Q1 of 2015 (Benson, 2016).
  • Compare stock performance to market index: In the past five years, Samsung has almost always performed better than Dow and had its biggest high in that period on May 27, 2013 at 84.86% compared to Dow which was only at around 23% at the time (Finance, 2016).

Samsung Electronics Limited was founded by Lee Byung-chul and is the chief subsidiary of Samsung Group. It was created in 1969 as a way for Samsung to get into the television industry. It began selling black and white TVs domestically in Korea then later began exporting. Samsung Electronics accounted for 70% of Samsung Group’s revenue in 2012 (Global, 2016).  Jong-Kyun Shin is the current CEO of Samsung Electronics (Jong-Kyun, 2016).






Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of consumer electronic products including cellular phones, televisions, household appliances, cameras, and computers (About, 2016). I will be discussing items from their Samsung Galaxy and Smart TV lines below.


Product/Service line A: Cellular Phones

Product/Service example A: Samsung Galaxy S4Sa


Product/Service line B: Tablets

Product/Service example B: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Product/Service line C: Televisions

Product/Service example C: 55” LED 8000 Series Smart TV



Complete the five segmentations according to what you learned in Marketing. Be specific.

Product/Service example A: Samsung Galaxy S4

Geographic: Worldwide

Demographic: Male and Female, age 15 to 45, existing Samsung Customers who are young professionals (Concept, 2013)

Psychographic: Young professionals who use their phones for business and to interact in the virtual world

Benefits Sought by consumer: Those who want a sleek cellular phone with 4G speeds, exceptional capturing quality for front and back facing cameras, and need to access the virtual world from anywhere.

Usage Rate of consumer: Heavy/Daily User.

Product/Service examples B:  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Geographic: Worldwide

Demographic: Male and Female, age 15 to 45, existing tablet users who may or may not be Samsung Users

Psychographic: Young professionals who want to access the virtual world from anywhere.

Benefits Sought by consumer: A tablet that is comparable to the IPAD, but at a lower price point. Clear graphics and high speed data is an optional add on.

Usage Rate of consumer: Heavy/Daily User


Product/Service example C: 55” LED 8000 Series Smart TV

Geographic: Worldwide

Demographic: Males, 18-45, existing Smart TV users but may not be Samsung TV Owners

Psychographic: Users who are looking for a Smart TV with lots of bells and whistles and the amazing benefit of projecting a video from a Samsung Smart phone to the TV.

Benefits Sought by consumer: Users wanting an extensive menu that is divided into five panels for live TV, movies or TV shows, your personal photos/videos/music, social content recommendations from services like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, and apps. Someone who wants to control the TV with your voice or motion gestures and someone who has a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can beam video content to and from your Smart TV. It’s similar to Apple’s AirPlay.

Usage Rate of consumer: Daily


COMPETITION (Include Citations)

Competitor 1: Apple

Competitor’s product/service: iPhone 4

Competes with your product/service A: Samsung Galaxy S4


Competitor 2: RCA

Competitor’s product/service: Cambio 10.1

Competes with your product/service B: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Competitor 3: VIZIO

Competitor’s product/service: VIZIO E-Series 55” Class Full-Array LED Smart TV

Competes with your product/service C: 55” LED 8000 Series Smart TV


Rank Each Company’s Success (yours and the 3 competitors) along with metric/numerical evidence of some kind (annual revenue, annual profit, ticket sales, concert revenue, fan base, twitter followers, consumer reviews, age of company, size of company, etc.), with #1 as the most successful:

Company #1 Samsung — $200,653,482,000 total revenue 2016

Company #2 Apple — $233,715,000  total revenue 2015

Company #3 VIZIO — $3.1 Billion total revenue 2015

Company #4 RCA, General Electric – $117,386,000  total revenue 2015



Samsung started as a trade organization and emerged into one of the leading technology companies in the world. Samsung produces a lot more than just the cell phones we see advertised and has an array of subsidiaries. I found it interesting that Samsung employs more people than the top three other major technology companies combined. From fish to TVs to where Samsung is now is a true success story.

Samsung provides innovative technology that has a very competitive edge and is neck and neck with their competitors. Products such as the Samsung Galaxy compete with higher cost products like the Apple iPhone, but they also have lower cost products that compete with companies like BLU, who offers phones for a fraction of the prices that other companies do. The quality of their products has made them a go-to brand for electronics including small and large appliances, TVs, tablets, and cellular phones.

Samsung faced a slump in the market for a few years as they faced a large amount of competition, but things picked back up at the end of 2016 for them. They have many new and innovative products that they are launching this year including the Family Hub Refrigerator that looks like a giant tablet that includes a snapshot feature that takes pictures when you shut the door so you know what you need when you go grocery shopping, the ability to watch what is on you Samsung TV on the refrigerator and you can even order your groceries via the screen and have them delivered to your door. Samsung is a company that has been around for a while and I do not see them going anywhere anytime soon!




For each reference, there should be at least one short-form, in-text citation in the body of your work to show where you used the source.


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Sample Work -Buyer Persona Template

Here is an example of a buyer persona sample that I did on Samsung Galaxy S7 for marketing purposes.



Work/Writing Sample: Mission & Vision Statement – Charged Visions

After some deep thought and a recent career shift my vision is to assist entrepreneurs in gaining social media visibility by using automation systems and showing up in authenticity to fulfill their purpose. I help people with their social media management and assist them in automating their business, so they have more time to do what they are called to do. I am also the founder of the #IAmSimplyBeautiful Movement to empower women to love who they are without any apologies. For a while I tried to separate the two thinking they had nothing to do with one another, until a branding coach of mine helped me to get clear on the fact that while I am helping them be visible, I am also helping them show up in their authenticity. I started the movement a year go tomorrow to grow my confidence and help others to have a community of women to support them. I was bullied as a child and it led to self-esteem issues as an adult as well. My  internal vision is to create a global social media media visibility and automation business that offers support for entrepreneurs at various stages in their business where they can grow their audience and free up their time to fulfill their own vision and mission (my external vision).

My mission is to be one of the top Global Social Media and Automation companies in my field by providing high-quality education, services, customer service, community building and most of all by producing results.  I just participated in a Twitter chat on Community Building in Business and I believe that it is a key ingredient to the success of a company. By building a community of members that includes ambassadors for my mission and a team that helps build and uplift the community, I will be welcoming others into supporting my mission and helping make my vision a reality.

I am motivated to pursue my dreams firstly because of my WHY which is my three daughters and the lifestyle and opportunities I want to provide for them. Being a single mother with little support, I had many obstacles with working 12 hour shifts in the medical field where my career began. I needed more time with them and I wanted to attend field trips and school events, but my job wouldn’t allow it. I then kind of fell into being an entrepreneur and what I wanted most was freedom, but that didn’t happen overnight. I realized that I went from working 12-hour shifts to working 24 hours a day on my business. That soon ended when my kids had a “meeting” with me and told me that they needed more time with me. That’s when I realized something had to change and I learned how important automation is in business. I can now set up something once and re-use it over and over again. Not only does that motivate me to pursue my dreams, but it motivates me to accomplish my mission of helping others do the same. That is where my vision, mission and motivation aligns. In helping other people walk in their greatness I am able to walk in mine.

After participating in this discussion board and interviewing an entrepreneur that I know, I started really thinking about my passion, purpose, motivation and my why for being an entrepreneur even more in-depth. I saw this article on Facebook on Why Discovering Your Why is the No. 1 Business Move and it really ties into that. The article states that most entrepreneurs get started for a reason that is somehow tied into freedom and that is true in my case as well. I went into why freedom is so important to me above. My goal are freedom to do what I love, financial freedom, freedom to make my own schedule, freedom to travel, freedom to not ask for permission, freedom to spend quality time with my kids, freedom to be myself…and the list goes on.

I believe that this statement is one of the truest statements I have seen regarding entrepreneurship, “Businesses rarely make money right off the bat, so the dream of money alone will not be reason enough to see it through. Don’t trade in the shackles of your corporate day job for a gilded cubicle of your own making.” If I was just after the money, I would have quit a long time ago, because over the past few years I have had awesome months financially and I have had some months where I literally was in the hole. Your why is what drives you when things get rough and the money isn’t coming in like you hoped.

Warren, R. (2015, March 23). Why Discovering Your Why is the No. 1 Business Move – Entrepreneur. Retrieved from

Writing Sample: Supply & Demand

Supply and Demand play a key role in our everyday lives even more than we realize sometimes. One example is the used car dealerships near my house. Around tax time, their lots are full of cars with high prices, but once tax season is over they mark down the cars and are willing to do payment plans or make other arrangements that they would never except during their peak season. Another example is when a new pair of Jordans comes out and people are waiting outside the store for them for hours and hours just to get a pair even when their price is the highest. Some people wait in line not knowing if they will even get a pair when they get to the front of the line. Many times the demand is higher than the supply on hand. In my own business, I experienced this recently when I launched my most recent compilation book, Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2. Amazon had 100 copies on hand the day it launched and that very day it became Out Of Stock because the demand was too high and they ran out of books. Had I have made sure to supply them with more books, I could have prevented that, but I did not want to order too many books and them have a surplus. On the other hand, I ordered a shipment of 100 books for a speaking engagement and only 30 sold on the first day which then caused me to mark down the books the second day, so that I did not end up with 70 books to bring home.

Supply and demand is based on the consumers and their purchasing desires and needs. Without the consumers, a product would be worthless. The materialistic demands of our country have led to higher prices and also the value we place on “NAME brands”. A great example that I have seen of this is during the holidays, you see an abundance of holiday products. Some stores even have specific isles just for holiday themed merchandise. The prices are usually higher than normal, but the stores will usually hold a sale on one or two items to get people into the store to shop. After the holiday is over, all of a sudden everything is marked down to usually between 25-50% off, then a few days later it goes down to 75% off and some places even discount all the way down to 90% off. The demand is higher during the season, but once the holiday is over they discount the merchandise to avoid a surplus of holiday merchandise.

My BOSI Entrepreneurial DNA

My primary entrepreneur DNA is opportunist and according to BOSI my strengths are finding new money-making opportunities, promoting something I believe in and being optimistic even after the toughest setbacks. My built-in weaknesses are maintaining consistent, long-term income, saying “No” to money-making opportunities and doing important administrative/repetitive tasks.

My secondary entrepreneur DNA is Innovator. According to BOSI, it is the part of me that comes up with breakthrough ideas and product. It gives me an  almost limitless innovation pipeline, but I agree that it keeps me in the lab of the business and away from the management activities and that can leaving a gaping hole in the business. That is where a virtual assistant and project manager comes in for my business.

I am highly creative and I am always thinking outside of the box. Multiple-income streams are my goal, but I have learned from coaches that I need to focus on one thing, get it done AND launch it before focusing on another. I think that has really helped me to not try to do 10 things at once and none of them actually gets done or done RIGHT.

Red-lights included me managing the operations and finances for the company and me spending time working on something else instead of promoting what I already have. I addresses those above. A virtual assistant and product manager helps me stay on track and deals with customer relations and my coaches have helped me plan out what I want to do, so that I am finishing what I start.

Green-lights are someone else with builder or specialist DNA is running my company, I am involved in business development of my company and I have a business/personal coach. Those are all things that I have really worked on this past year and I now feel more organized  and that things are running more smoothly.

“Your primary area of gifting is in business development. If you’re not spending most of your time in a RAINMAKER capacity, you’re not leveraging your most powerful strengths.”

– This was the final recommendation it gave me and again I think this profile is very accurate. I just partnered with someone for a business project who is a builder (yes, I had her take this assessment) 🙂 and I can already see how well we work together. I can be in the lab tweaking things to be just right while she makes sure we are meeting deadlines and keeping the clients informed on what is going on.

Basic BOSI “My Results” Profile. (n.d.). Retrieved May 10, 2016, from

My #EPICAmbassador Experience & EPIC Possibilities at the upcoming #EPICCon2016 Conference


Hey my loves!

For the past few months, I have been serving as an #EpicAmbassador for the #Epic Conference that was founded by visionaryAprille Franks-Hunt. I have learned so much from her and it really has been a dream being able to work closely with her, gain valuable knowledge from her, and be able to support my mentor and her visions.


I had been following Aprille on social media for a while and was continually drawn to her genuine spirit, love for helping others WIN and her just plain raw authenticity. I have been around many entrepreneurs, but Aprille is truly one-of-a-kind. She not only wants you to see her successes and the fabulous side of her life, but she shares her struggles and not-so-perfect moments (which many people fail to show) as well. In a world filled with fakes and phony people, Aprille gave me the courage to just be ME. She was the push I needed on my confidence journey to finally give up trying to “be perfect” or at least put on a show that made it seem like my life was perfect and to let my imperfections show. Aprille’s dedication and consistency is unmatched in my eyes.



Who is Aprille Franks-Hunt? Check outthis video on Aprille that I did for my Business Management class a few months ago. As busy as she is, she took the time to help me with this project and I am so grateful for that!

What does “EPIC” mean? According to the conference’s website (, EPIC stands for the following.

Engagement is everything in the social space you occupy. Understanding what engagement encompasses is imperative in your communications with your ideal audience.

Positioning is about how your brand intentionally prepares to show up on a consistent basis.

Impact is why you probably wake up in the morning. You have a message, a solution for those meant for you to connect with, to serve, to support. You want to create massive impact in your home, your local market and for the world.

Creating Consistent Cashflow is a challenge for most entrepreneurs at every level – whether you started your business a month ago or 10 years ago, understanding the landscape of your ideal clients and the ever changing climate of how to create products that produce results, systems that capture those results and a technology for duplication.

Being selected to represent the conference as an ambassador has really drawn me outside of my comfort zone and even before stepping foot into the actual event, I learned many things from Aprille in each of the components that make up the EPIC Acronym.

Engagement – I knew I needed to engage with my followers, but I am going to be honest with you (that’s why you are here right?), I wasn’t as consistent as I could have been and I lacked greatly in my follow-ups. I was all over the place and was focusing on way too many things. Once I narrowed down my focus, defined my target audience and decided to work on THAT SPECIFIC AREA until I get where I want to be then move to the next, amazing things started happening.

Positioning – Piggybacking off of Engagement, clarity was a huge issue with me that I had to face. It was hard to position myself for greatness when I wasn’t clear with what I actually wanted to accomplish. When you aren’t clear with where you are going, you oftentimes may find yourself running in circles. that exactly what I was doing.

Impact – I was clear about one thing and that is my WHY. My WHY is my princesses and the life I want to give them. My passion is helping women to be confident with who they are without any boundaries or stipulations that society my place on them. BUT it was time for me to create a community and by listening to Aprille talk about how important that is, I did just that and created the Official #IAmSimplyBeautiful Ladies Group. It started small, but is slowly gaining members who want to support one another on their journeys towards self-love and achieving their dreams. Many of the members actually got to meet in February in Atlanta for the release party for the Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2 Book Launch Party. Nothing is more amazing than meeting “sisters” in-person that you may have connected with online for months or even years.

Creating Consistent CashFlow – This has been the biggest issue for me. Have you ever just felt “stuck” in your business? Have you ever felt like you are just doing to “do” and the money isn’t coming like you thought it would? I realized my problem..I was doing everything, BUT putting my focus towards making money…Why have a business in the first place if your goal isn’t to make money? At Nikki Woods’s Spotlight Conference, Aprille showed so many ways to turn your book into cashflow and those ideas have helped me map out exactly what I need to do to take things to the next level. Sometimes we tend to overthink things and make things harder than they really are.

These were just a few things I learned as an #EpicAmbassador and was able to implement BEFORE the conference that is happening THIS WEEKEND. From the coaching calls to the Twitter parties, I was constantly encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone. I can’t thank Aprille, Ebony Combs (Lead Ambassador, #EpicCon2016 Media Correspondent), Ms. Ronda White, and Courtney enough.:)


I leave in the morning to head to Oklahoma City for the conference and I am just walking on Cloud 9 right now for the opportunity to be able to meet so many amazing people and the speakers are beyond EPIC! <See Below> Speakers will be sharing nuggets on an array of topics. Visit here for more information.



Tory Johnson from Good Morning America will be the Keynote Speaker!






Aprille Franks-Hunt is the Master Coach and President of Coach, Speak, & Serve and is the Visionary of the Epic Conference.




The best part of the weekend (in my opinion) is going to happen on Saturday evening when Aprille will premier her first film, Unbroken Resilience that was birthed from Chapter 3 of her memoir.



After taking some time off from dating to focus on life as a single mother of Shania, 19-year-old April is introduced to Daniel by her neighbor Lisa. Little did April know meeting Daniel would change her life in ways that will rock her entire world and activate a resilient spirit she didn’t know she had!

Imagine: Being 19 years old and hopeful about the world and how you’d grow up to do the things you’ve been wanting to since childhood….only to have the most intimate piece of you stolen like a thief in the night. Imagine all of your naivety being painted over with tar and the purity of your thoughts about the world, warped. Imagine being deceived and manipulated by someone you want to trust. Imagine drowning or burning in a fire – or being on the brink of ending it all.

Aprille Franks-Hunt‘s new short film is about RESILIENCY.

(From the Official Website for the film)

If you are attending the conference, you have made a fabulous decision and I look forward to meeting you there. If not, please follow the #EpicCon2016 and #EpicAmbassador posts across all social media platforms for tidbits, takeaways, pictures and more from the conference.

If you are not a member of Aprille’s Coach, Speak, & Serve Lounge group on Facebook, do yourself a beyond wonderful favor and add yourself to the group. It is not just a group, but a community of authors, speakers, coaches, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that are there to support you in what you desire to accomplish.

The countdown is almost complete! It’s time to get EPIC!

Writing Sample: Lyfe Smarts with Necie Black

Lyfe Smarts with Necie Black

By Ashley A. Love


Necie Black from Lyfe Smarts, LLC is a great example of how transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship is not only possible, but can be life-changing. As a young girl from Los Angeles, she found her way into corporate America where she worked for almost thirty years before deciding to branch off and start her own business. With her husband’s support and her love for helping women live well and make better choices, she founded Lyfe Smarts, LLC where she began private and group coaching sessions, intelligence training, speaking services, and created round-table seminars and workshops to help those women gain the clarity, confidence, and the courage they need to live the life they want and achieve the goals they’ve only been dreaming about. Black is in the process of expanding the services she offers to include corporate trainings and is currently writing her first book. While entrepreneurship has its bumps and hurdles, Black continues to be a highly regarded influencer in her field and believes the connections she is making on her journey are “priceless”.

Keywords:  Necie Black, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship

Lyfe Smarts with Necie Black

When I think of entrepreneurs that I know, Necie Black of Lyfe Smarts, LLC comes first to mind. After almost 30 years in corporate America, she stepped out into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. She founded Lyfe Smarts, LLC in 2014 and serves women who desire to “gain the clarity, confidence, and courage they need to live the life they want and achieve the goals they’ve only been dreaming about…” (Black, 2016).

Black was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in the housing project of West Dallas with five brothers and two sisters. She stated that one of her favorite things to do as a child was to “get up early Saturday morning and sit outside while it was still quiet and the morning dew covered everything” (Black, 2016). She attended Amberton University in Garland Texas where she received both a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Business Management. She is also a Certified Master Coach, Speaker, and Clarity Counsel and is currently residing in the Oklahoma City area.

In 2013, Black started the transition from working in corporate America to becoming an entrepreneur due to her dissatisfaction of all she had not yet achieved in her life. “I felt the urge to do something different; something meaningful with a greater impact in the world”, stated Black (personal communication, May 6, 2016). After teaching office administration at a local Job Corps, she realized that she could “impact change on a greater scale” as an entrepreneur.

Black founded and registered Lyfe Smarts, LLC in 2014 with the intention to serve women ages 35-60 who feel like life left them behind. Her business name, Lyfe Smarts, was inspired by her own book smarts. Growing up, she had a love for education and still carries that love with her today. Although she excelled academically, what she didn’t learn from books, she learned “the hard way in life.”

“Being book smart is great, but you must couple it with intelligent choices, creating practical and tangible goals, putting in the work, and holding yourself responsible for creating what you want in life”, says Black (personal communication, May 6, 2016).

She offers private and group coaching sessions, intelligence training, speaking services, and round-table seminars and workshops to support women who want to make better choices, and create the life they want, but are unclear on where to start or what their next best steps are. Black spoke on what her ideal client is going through by stating, “Where they are in life is a result of poor choices, and they are weighed by guilt; suffering silently in the shadow of past hurt and fear. They may have spent the majority of their life putting the needs of others over their own and settled into a life of mediocrity. Their self-esteem and confidence are suffering” (personal communication, May 6, 2016).  Black’s passion for supporting women comes from her own real-life experiences. She has been where they are and wants to help them get to the other side of fear, pain, and frustration. She believes the keys to working with her are clarity, action and accountability. Her passion for serving women was evident when she stated, “We all know women are the backbone of the family, work place and community, so imagine how many women can heal and begin to live the life they want.” (Black, personal communication, May 6, 2016).

By helping others lead better lives, Black stays motivated to continue pursuing her purpose in life. She enjoys watching women grow their confidence and lead lives where they are truly happy. Black has connected with women from all walks of life and has formed many lasting friendships through her international speaking presence. She is currently serving as a board member and volunteer for Dress for Success Oklahoma City, whose mission is directly in alignment with hers. She believes “these connections are priceless” (Black) in business and in life.

When she is not acting as the CEO of her business, Black enjoys doing anything and everything with her family including traveling, shopping for her grandbabies with her husband, and enjoying the leisure time she gets from working at home.  Her husband, Michael, has inspired her to follow her dreams with his continuous support even back when her business was just a thought she had. By listening to her vent, always standing in her corner, and providing encouragement to stick with it, Black calls him her “greatest cheerleader.” (Black, 2016)

The best advice she ever received regarding entrepreneurship is “Give yourself permission to pioneer” which comes from the Profit Accelerator, Ms. Allyson Byrd (Black, 2016). Many times in business, I believe we can develop a fear of success and wonder how we will be able to adapt to the changes that comes with it.  Black stated the following when asked what her best piece of advice is for new and emerging entrepreneurs, “You can’t build and grow alone. Surround yourself with people who speak positively into your life, who refuse to let you give in, and who are not afraid to tell you the truth. You won’t know it all so be open to unlearning some things so you can learn the most important things to be effective in your new space. Allow yourself grace as you progress” (personal communication, May 6, 2016).  That advice reigns true regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. I have learned from many mentors, including Necie Black, you mimic the top five people that you are around most often and that has led me to re-evaluating toxic and meaningless friendships and ending them to make room for intentional, powerful and supportive relationships.

This is only the beginning for Necie Black and Lyfe Smarts, LLC. She is adding Corporate Services to her list of offerings where the focus is “wellness through confidence, employee engagement, and agility in ever-changing corporate environments” (Black, 2016) and is in the process of writing her own book. From a little girl from California to a life-changing entrepreneur in Oklahoma City, Black has faced ups and downs along the way, but she continues to stay focused on her mission to touch as many women as possible. She has definitely touched my life through her kindness, thirst for inspiring others, and positive attitude.

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