Founder of Charged Visions and The #IAmSimplyBeautiful Global Movement, Best-Selling Author, Publisher, Motivational Writer/Speaker,  Social Media and Automation Specialist & Activist


Ashley Love is an author, poet, entrepreneur and social media and automation maven, but her most rewarding role is mother. She is the single mother of three daughters who are 6, 8, and 10.

A native of New Orleans, Ashley has always had a passion to motivate and inspire people to go for their dreams and not let the road blocks they face stop them from making progress. For many years, due to a lack of confidence, Ashley did everything, but go towards the vision God had for her. She entered the medical field and was unhappy. She let people’s opinions affect her actions. She drifted away from her one true passion of writing.

At 18, she had her first child. By twenty, she was the mother of two. Soon after she was married, and then divorced with three children. She was ready to give up. Her mother was battling cancer and her grandmother was dying before her eyes. She could do nothing, but put all of her faith in God and let him bring her life back on course. That is what she did.

She is the founder of her own Social Media, Automation, & Publishing business, Charged Visions where she helps business owners grow their social media organically and be more efficient by implementing systems and processes into their business practices. Publishing books, especially compilation books, is another service that is offered to clients to help them share their message and gain needed exposure.

In 2013, Ashley co-founded Fearless Poets, an organization of people who are tired of staying quiet and letting bullying and abuse destroy the lives of many children, as well as adults. Fearless Poets’ mission is to Speak Up and Reach Out with Spoken Word by hosting open mic night across the country and is in the process of starting a blog talk radio show. The first book in the Fearless Poets series, Fearless Poets Against Bullying is not available on Amazon.

Stemming from what she learned from members of Fearless Poets, Ashley realized that their was a dire need for women to learn to love who they are, know their worth, grow their confidence, and walk in their greatness. In May 2015, Ashley founded the #IAmSimplyBeautiful Global Movement to empower women globally to do just that by advocating to have REAL women shown in the media, creating a community of women to support and encourage one another, hold annual events and workshops to help women grow their confidence and turn their passion into their fuel, and see women positively showing and declaring their self-love. Little did she know that it would take off and a year later have 25,000+ posts using the hashtag on Instagram, 98,000+ people talking about it on Facebook, have celebrities such as Grace Gealey, Taraji P. Henson and Kim Coles support it, AND be recognized by The White House and the United State of Women. Ashley is in the process of creating the #IAmSimplyBeautiful Business Academy to help female entrepreneur launch their businesses and learns the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. It will launch in January 2017.

In 2013, Ashley was selected to have her own chapter, Tainted Not Broken, in a book and movement called Head Ladies in Charge. This movement features women who have overcome the obstacles in their lives and through their transparency, they are willing to share their experiences to give others the strength and tools they need to overcome the things that are hindering them from making progress in their lives. Ashley also has her own chapter in the I Am: Love, Wisdom, and Guidance through Soul Reflection book and told her story on being bullied and how she overcame it. Both books are available on Amazon.

Tainted Elegance: In The Key of Love was Ashley’s first inspirational poetry book. It is filled with poetry that emit the emotions that Ashley felt at different times in her life. The topic is love and is not only on loving another, but on loving yourself. From that first book in the Tainted Elegance series, Ashley has produced Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 1 & 2. Both are compilation book featuring women around the world sharing their stories around beauty, confidence, and self-love.

Ashley was the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Woman of the Year in her 20s by the YWCA, the 2014 Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Under 30) by the Unstoppable Women, and the Spirit Award and for Most Social Media Impressions by Coach, Speak, and Serve.

In 2016, she has partnered with Ebony Combs to launch #‎BrandMeSocial‬ with Ebony & Ashley, a division of‪ #‎BrandMeGlobal‬ by Ebony Combs—a community designed to position key influencers, brands, and entrepreneurs. The place where social media magic happens.

Ashley is taking charge in 2016 with the goal to touch as many people as possible. Those around her always said she wrote and talked too much. Well, now she is using those blessings that were once thought of as curses, to make her mission come to life.

Short Bio: 

Ashley Love is a social media visibility and automation strategist, publisher, and Best-Selling author. She is the founder of the #IAmSimplyBeautiful Business Academy and Global Movement to empower women to grow their self-love, walk in their greatness and get profitable RESULTS in their business. With over 25,000 posts worldwide using the hashtag on Instagram alone, her movement has drawn the attention of many notable influencers and celebrities.

Love is the publisher of Fearless Poets Against Bullying and the Tainted Elegance book series. She recently partnered with billion dollar brand ambassador, Ebony Combs to launch ‪#‎BrandMeSocial‬ with Ebony & Ashley, a division of‪#‎BrandMeGlobal‬ by Ebony Combs—a community designed to position key influencers, brands, and entrepreneurs. The place where social media magic happens. She is an ambassador for SwagHer Magazine and has been recognized by the YWCA, Unstoppable Women, and Coach Speak & Serve for her dedication to helping women in business succeed and has been featured in MMIA Magazine and on CBS.  She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs maximize their social media platforms and use automation systems to increase their visibility and consistency.