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In the second book of the Tainted Elegance series, Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful, women from all walks of life speak up and share their journeys and messages on building confidence, learning to love who you are and being able stand comfortably in your own shoes. Confidence plays a key role in your success, no matter what age you are. It is a continuous learning experience within yourself. In this book, you will laugh and cry with the co-authors, but most of all you will grow as a woman. Each co-author expresses their feelings and unleashes their secrets on how they learned to love who they are and accept that their flaws and scars are what make them #simplybeautiful. You will experience their expressions through poetry, quotes, letters and stories. You will be transformed and inspired to walk the path of self-love and show the world your elegance. It is my belief, that building your confidence helps you grow your success. – Ashley Love, Compiler of Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful will help you grow from “from the inside out” and focus on yourself for a change. As women, we are programmed to be caretakers of other people, but oftentimes, we get lost in that role and forget to take care of ourselves. We must realize that we have needs, too and we need “ME” time. You will be encouraged on your journey to self-love and realize that although we are all tainted in one way or another, we are all elegant (beautiful) just the way we are!