Tainted Elegance Book Cover Front Design

Did you know that confidence is crucial to you successfully achieving your dreams? Or even taking the actions necessary to walk in your greatness? In Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2, the third book of the Tainted Elegance series, thirty-two women from around the globe take you on their journeys toward accepting their flaws, embracing their scars, and learning to love who they are. You will be inspired, encouraged, and motivated to begin or even to put more effort into your journey towards self-love. Confidence plays a key role in your success, no matter what age you are and it is a continuous learning experience within yourself. In this book, you will laugh and cry with the co-authors, but most of all you will grow as a woman. Each co-author expresses their feelings and unleashes their secrets on how they overcame the struggles they faced (internally and externally) to be able to say #IAmSimplyBeautiful to the woman in the mirror and actually mean it. You will experience their expressions through poetry, quotes, letters and stories. You will be transformed and inspired to walk the path of self-love and show the world your elegance.