Within these powerful pages, 28 courageous souls expose their deepest secrets and experi- ences – to provide you with non-judgmental and understanding love, non-authoritative wisdom gained through hindsight, and practical guidance to help heal your soul and move you forward along your journey through life. Embrace these honest, intimate accounts from real individuals who have overcome issues relating to: absence of a fatherly figure, abuse, acceptance from others, addiction, adoption, body image, bullying, cancer, death of loved ones, disability, divorce, eating disorders, ethnic diversity, fear, learning disabilities, jail, love, mental illness, negativity, perfectionism, personal identity, pornography, poverty, relationships, self-esteem, self- harm, sex, sexually transmitted diseases, societal labels, teen pregnancy, uniqueness, and violence.

Ashley Love was a co-author and shares her story on bullying and her journey towards confidence. Her chapter is entitled, I Am Me.