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The Head Ladies in Charge is the first ever socially powered book that highlights the accomplishments of women from all walks of life. These Head Ladies in Charge, #HLIC, are making strides in their respective industries, communities, and with their families as they take the world by storm. Many credit their strong faith in God to accomplishing greater greats and higher highs. These women understand what it takes to be successful, not just in their careers but in their businesses and in their personal lives as a whole. “When we came up with the Head Ladies in Charge, we wanted to use our social media platform to spotlight these ladies and help them accomplish their dreams, as well as inspire and empower other women,” says Brown, co-founder of Head Ladies in Charge. Created by Che Brown and Trevor Otts, Head Ladies in Charge is the missing link to bringing women together on a global communal scale. Each woman that was selected to be in the Head Ladies in Charge book gave their personal accounts of how they overcame adversity and prevailed to accomplish what they always envisioned for themselves and those around them. “This movement is significant on so many levels because it allows women to reach out to one another while accomplishing their own dreams and leaving the legacies they always envisioned. This book is not just a book of collective stories of success; it’s a book about triumphant success that each lady has encountered during her journey of becoming a Head Lady in Charge,” adds Otts, co-founder of Head Ladies in Charge.

Ashley Love was a co-author and shared her struggles with her body image and how that helped her become stronger on her journey toward her goals. Her chapter is entitled, Tainted Not Broken.