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Sample Work – STEEPLE & SWOT Analysis – Samsung

An Environmental Analysis for

Samsung Electronics

By: Ashley Love

Project & Portfolio II: Business and Marketing




The STEEPLE Analysis  (Include Citations)





  1. Samsung was founded in Korea and their headquarters is still based out of there. Samsung is just the biggest of what South Koreans refer to as Chaebols, giant, family owned conglomerates that essentially control industry. (Shen, 2015)
  2. They are a family owned company that has grown into its third generation of leadership with current chairman Lee Byung-chul’s son, Lee Jae-yong, poised to build on of the foundation his father built. (Shen, 2015)





  1. Samsung is one of the world’s leading technology companies with an array of products that go beyond cellular phones and include appliances, televisions, and home security.
  2. Samsung’s aim is to stay ahead of their competitor’s technologically and through innovation.






  1. Samsung expanded to the emerging and developing markets to make up for their lost business from the developed world to their competitors. According Nasdaq, emerging markets are the key to Samsung’s future success. (Emerging, 2012)
  2. Samsung is responsible for 20% of South Korea’s Economy with $237 Billion dollars in sales in 2015. (Weissman, 2015)




  1. Through eco-innovations, is working to build a smarter and more environmental friendly future for the world. At the end of 2013, Samsung had 3,285 Global Eco-Product Certification Marks. (Eco-Innovations)
  2. Samsung is dedicated to creating products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also energy efficient without sacrificing the quality of the products. (Eco-Innovations)






  1. Overall, the political market favors Samsung except for markets like India. (Pressure)
  2. As each CEO comes to the plate, they must prove themselves worthy of the position to Samsung’s board members and even the world before being able to accept the position. (Pressure)







  1. Governments have now imposed laws including copyrights for cellular phone manufacturing. Samsung was sued by Apple in 2011 by copying their touch zoom concept and had to pay $1 billion in fines. (Apple, 2011)







  1. As a company with 160,000 employees, Samsung is fully committed to complying with local laws and regulations and holds a strict conduct policy for the employees that work for them.
  2. Their management philosophy is “Devoting its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society.


The SWOT Analysis





1.    Samsung is the world’s leading electronics manufacturer.



2.    Samsung leads  the world in mobile phone manufacturing.



3.    Samsung is prided on their strong manufacturing capabilities.



1.    Samsung is unable to match Apples’s marketing capabilities.



2.    Samsung is being trailed by some of their Chinese competitors.



3.    By some Apple seems more dependable than Samsung as far as electronics goes.


1.    People are wanting to purchase more tablets and smart phones.



2.    They are branching off into wearable technology.



3.    They are able to offer their products via online distributers.



1.    Apple’s quality reputation surpasses theirs.



2.    If Apple starts selling consumers household appliances.



3.    Chinese cellular manufacturers are gaining momentum.





Samsung is the leading technological company in the world, but to stay there they must up their marketing game to go above and beyond Apples and keep being innovative with the products they offer. Chinese companies are gaining momentum so their competition is growing. Apple has a good reputation for high quality products that last and Samsung must do their best to match or go above and beyond this reputation because people will pay for quality.


By selling products into developing and emerging markets, Samsung will have much success in the future by making up for their lost business in the developed world which Apple caters to. By continuing to be economically friendly they will hold their place in the market and help the world in the process.



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Sample Work – Initial Company Research on Samsung


By: Ashley Love Date: 07/02/2016



Company Name: Samsung Electronics Limited Parent Company: Samsung Group

Samsung Group is one of the world’s leading electronics companies and was founded in 1938 by Byung-Chull Lee. He started the business with a focus on trade export that included dried Korean fish, vegetables and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. Taegu, Korea was where Samsung Group was founded and they not only sell electronics, but have a wide variety of subsidiaries from fashion to insurance (Group, 2016). Samsung has three subsidiaries that are on the Forbes Fortune 500 list that includes Samsung Electronics Limited (#13), Samsung C&T (#441), and Samsung Life Insurance (#456) (Fortune, 2016). Samsung employs 391,000 employees in 84 countries which is more than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined (Newsroom, 2016)


Refer to Block 2 class slides for the five financial measures we discussed

  • Net Income: 18,694,628,000 Annual Net Income for 2015 (Yahoo, 2016)

Q1 of 2016 – 43.81 billion U.S. dollars (Electronics, 2016) It is up 12 percent from Q4 of 2015.

  • Net Profit Margin: 57% as of March 2016 (Net Margin, 2016)
  • Debt to Assets Ratio: 01 as of March 2016 (Long, 2016)
  • Year over Year: Q1 2015 revenue was up 7.7% YoY and profit was up 12%. Due to increased competition across the smartphone board in the past few years, Samsung saw a sales slump. As of March 31 of this year, revenue for Samsung was 49.78 trillion won, an increase of 5.7% since Q1 last year and operating profit jumped 12% to 6.68 trillion won from Q1 of 2015 (Benson, 2016).
  • Compare stock performance to market index: In the past five years, Samsung has almost always performed better than Dow and had its biggest high in that period on May 27, 2013 at 84.86% compared to Dow which was only at around 23% at the time (Finance, 2016).

Samsung Electronics Limited was founded by Lee Byung-chul and is the chief subsidiary of Samsung Group. It was created in 1969 as a way for Samsung to get into the television industry. It began selling black and white TVs domestically in Korea then later began exporting. Samsung Electronics accounted for 70% of Samsung Group’s revenue in 2012 (Global, 2016).  Jong-Kyun Shin is the current CEO of Samsung Electronics (Jong-Kyun, 2016).






Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of consumer electronic products including cellular phones, televisions, household appliances, cameras, and computers (About, 2016). I will be discussing items from their Samsung Galaxy and Smart TV lines below.


Product/Service line A: Cellular Phones

Product/Service example A: Samsung Galaxy S4Sa


Product/Service line B: Tablets

Product/Service example B: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Product/Service line C: Televisions

Product/Service example C: 55” LED 8000 Series Smart TV



Complete the five segmentations according to what you learned in Marketing. Be specific.

Product/Service example A: Samsung Galaxy S4

Geographic: Worldwide

Demographic: Male and Female, age 15 to 45, existing Samsung Customers who are young professionals (Concept, 2013)

Psychographic: Young professionals who use their phones for business and to interact in the virtual world

Benefits Sought by consumer: Those who want a sleek cellular phone with 4G speeds, exceptional capturing quality for front and back facing cameras, and need to access the virtual world from anywhere.

Usage Rate of consumer: Heavy/Daily User.

Product/Service examples B:  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Geographic: Worldwide

Demographic: Male and Female, age 15 to 45, existing tablet users who may or may not be Samsung Users

Psychographic: Young professionals who want to access the virtual world from anywhere.

Benefits Sought by consumer: A tablet that is comparable to the IPAD, but at a lower price point. Clear graphics and high speed data is an optional add on.

Usage Rate of consumer: Heavy/Daily User


Product/Service example C: 55” LED 8000 Series Smart TV

Geographic: Worldwide

Demographic: Males, 18-45, existing Smart TV users but may not be Samsung TV Owners

Psychographic: Users who are looking for a Smart TV with lots of bells and whistles and the amazing benefit of projecting a video from a Samsung Smart phone to the TV.

Benefits Sought by consumer: Users wanting an extensive menu that is divided into five panels for live TV, movies or TV shows, your personal photos/videos/music, social content recommendations from services like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, and apps. Someone who wants to control the TV with your voice or motion gestures and someone who has a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can beam video content to and from your Smart TV. It’s similar to Apple’s AirPlay.

Usage Rate of consumer: Daily


COMPETITION (Include Citations)

Competitor 1: Apple

Competitor’s product/service: iPhone 4

Competes with your product/service A: Samsung Galaxy S4


Competitor 2: RCA

Competitor’s product/service: Cambio 10.1

Competes with your product/service B: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Competitor 3: VIZIO

Competitor’s product/service: VIZIO E-Series 55” Class Full-Array LED Smart TV

Competes with your product/service C: 55” LED 8000 Series Smart TV


Rank Each Company’s Success (yours and the 3 competitors) along with metric/numerical evidence of some kind (annual revenue, annual profit, ticket sales, concert revenue, fan base, twitter followers, consumer reviews, age of company, size of company, etc.), with #1 as the most successful:

Company #1 Samsung — $200,653,482,000 total revenue 2016

Company #2 Apple — $233,715,000  total revenue 2015

Company #3 VIZIO — $3.1 Billion total revenue 2015

Company #4 RCA, General Electric – $117,386,000  total revenue 2015



Samsung started as a trade organization and emerged into one of the leading technology companies in the world. Samsung produces a lot more than just the cell phones we see advertised and has an array of subsidiaries. I found it interesting that Samsung employs more people than the top three other major technology companies combined. From fish to TVs to where Samsung is now is a true success story.

Samsung provides innovative technology that has a very competitive edge and is neck and neck with their competitors. Products such as the Samsung Galaxy compete with higher cost products like the Apple iPhone, but they also have lower cost products that compete with companies like BLU, who offers phones for a fraction of the prices that other companies do. The quality of their products has made them a go-to brand for electronics including small and large appliances, TVs, tablets, and cellular phones.

Samsung faced a slump in the market for a few years as they faced a large amount of competition, but things picked back up at the end of 2016 for them. They have many new and innovative products that they are launching this year including the Family Hub Refrigerator that looks like a giant tablet that includes a snapshot feature that takes pictures when you shut the door so you know what you need when you go grocery shopping, the ability to watch what is on you Samsung TV on the refrigerator and you can even order your groceries via the screen and have them delivered to your door. Samsung is a company that has been around for a while and I do not see them going anywhere anytime soon!




For each reference, there should be at least one short-form, in-text citation in the body of your work to show where you used the source.


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Sample Work -Buyer Persona Template

Here is an example of a buyer persona sample that I did on Samsung Galaxy S7 for marketing purposes.



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